Friday, September 21, 2012

Bits and Pieces

These are a few of the things I've worked on this year. I'm just showing some random bits. I promise that in the future I'll be more organized with my posts!


A "baby beaverduck" in the making. Okay, so a platypus. His blue body and orange feet and bill may look a bit familiar to you, but I'm calling him a beaverduck :)

The finished product

A hat I made for my sister's friend's birthday. I do not watch Dr. Who, but I think my interpretation of whatever that thing is (tardis?) is pretty good ;)

For a while I was on a tunisian crochet kick, and decided to make the Batman logo lol

Analie modeling... But I couldn't get her to smile or even stay in a sitting position! Lol!

My niece, MacKenzie, and my nephew Jace. They're Analie's big sister and brother, and they also like modeling for their Auntie Natti :)

Just a simple striped, folded brim beanie

A baby dinosaur hat. I added the tooth on this one because it's actually for a baby, and I think it makes a nice touch

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