Friday, September 28, 2012

The Supplies

Every crocheter/crafter should have organized supplies... Here are some of mine
I made this pincushion a long time ago out of a scrap of old jeans. It's supposed to look like a pocket lol.

These are my hooks. When I first put them all in here, I was so proud of my little case. Opening it and seeing all my hooks in an organized fashion brought a glorious feeling to my heart ;)

Okay, so... I procrastinate... a lot sometimes lol. When I wasn't very good at crocheting and I didn't know the correct terms for something in a pattern or a pattern confused me, I would give up. Which is why I used to have a small basket filled with projects that I intended to finish but never did. I've gotten to some of these in the past few months, but others I decided to give up on (!). Sometimes, you just have to move on from a project, especially if it isn't that important and just causes frustration for you. If it is important or you think that it is worth your time, GET IT DONE!!! I've gotten a lot better at finishing my projects, especially crochet orders.

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