Friday, March 29, 2013

DIY: Sparkly Red Shoes

Ever since I found the idea to put modpodge and glitter onto a pair of shoes, I have been dying to try it out! I bought these shoes from Goodwill for $3:

They were cute like this, but they had a few scuff marks and I did not like the brown wedges. So, I decided to buy these to make into sparkly shoes. I turned them into this:
The only problem was that I could not find fine red glitter at Hobby Lobby. I suppose I could have looked at Michael's or Johann's, but I got the idea to use Krylon Glitter Blast instead.
I messed up A LOT while I worked on these shoes, but I learned from my mistakes. If I ever do this again, I know what not to do.
Krylon Glitter Blast in Cherry Bomb, Black Acrylic Paint, and Mod Podge in a glossy finish. Also, I used blue painter's tape.

When I first started, I painted the wedge part of the shoe first, which turned out to be a bad idea, because I had to tape over it, which took off some paint, and then repaint it after.

Step One: Tape over the wedge part of the shoe. I also covered part of it with old newspaper, but the glitter spray ran through anyway in some parts. Whatever you do, make sure you cover EVERY single inch of the shoe that you do not want to put glitter on! It's permanent, and a paint to even try to remove. I filled the shoes with balled up newspaper, which worked very well. Also, cover your workspace with lots of newspaper or cardboard, or both.

Step Two: Follow the directions on the Krylon or glitter spray, and spray it evenly over your shoes. You can apply as many coats as you want or need. It should dry quickly, but wait about a day before you move on to the next step.

Step Three (optional): Remove the tape and newspaper from the shoes. Using the black paint, paint the wedges of the shoes. Be very careful not to get paint on the sparkly part. I applied two coats of paint.
Step Four: Once the paint is completely dry, apply the Mod Podge all over the shoe - the glittery part and the wedge part, if you painted it. I didn't get glossy paint because I knew I would put Mod Podge on it anyway.
When your shoes are dry, they should look something like this:

I think that the Krylon makes it look more professional than just glitter and Mod Podge.
Let me know what you think in the comments below!
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  1. Hey oh, this is a nice twist on the glitter-fying DIY! The finish looks much more polished.. and since I'm in a bind for time, even better that I might be able to do it myself. Thanks so much for the tip :))

  2. I'm a little about using a glitter spray paint because I'm worried about the paint cracking when the shoe is used. Did anything like that happen when you used these?

  3. No, they did not crack, probably because they were very stiff shoes. They did scuff over time