Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Pillow Cover From An Old Jacket Tutorial

Today I turned my cousin's favorite sweater into a pillow for her room! It does not fit her anymore and it is starting to tear in some places. She absolutely LOVES her Hello Kitty sweater and she did not want to get rid of it, so we decided that turning it into a pillow was the coolest way to preserve her favorite sweater. You can do the same with your own sweaters or shirts.

What you need:
- Sewing machine
- Thread that matches your project
- Scissors
- Sewing needle
- Pillow form or stuffing
- Measuring tape
- Pins
- Fabric marker or pen

Wash your sweater or shirt! Also prep your sewing machine.

Step 1:
Turn the jacket inside out. Make sure it is laid flat.

Step 2:
Mark where you want to sew your pillow. I marked from the top of the sweater to the bottom band. I wanted to keep the top of the zipper and the pockets of the sweater. 

Step 3:
Pin all around the sweater inside of your marks.

Step 4:
Cut the sides of the sweater, leaving a seam allowance. I only cut off the sides and arms of the sweater before I sewed. 

Step 5:
Sew! Sew all around the lines you marked. Be careful of seams and also be careful of the zipper. I skipped sewing over the zipper because I did not want to mess up my sewing machine. Once you have finished sewing around with the sewing machine, sew over the bottom of the zipper by hand with a needle and thread.

Step 6:
Cut off the excess sweater parts, such as the hood and the band of the sweater (if you did not do this at Step 4).

Step 7:
Pull the zipper down, turn the pillow cover right-side-out, and insert your stuffing or pillow form! I used a pillow form, so it unfortunately did not completely fill the pillow. That's okay, because it does not have to be perfect! Your pillow is likely being made with love out of already very much loved material!

This sweater had a tiny hole in the front so I covered it with a crocheted Hello Kitty inspired applique. I will post the pattern on my blog sometime!

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